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About Zabda

Digital Transformation is an excursion with an obescure goal as it is unwinding all known ways of life. In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the reasons and dangers presented have no similarity to the past.

We continue changing these areas anyway with an energized focus that relates to the front-line economy pivoting to the use of present-day development and tools.

What We Do

We create business processes that make Automatic Smart decisions.


We bring ML - You bring data.

Our pre-built ML-based automatic engines will learn immediately from your data to optimize your specific business outcomes.

Smart Pricing
  • Transform from Cost-based pricing to Influence based pricing.

  • Robust pricing Engine that is powered by machine learning algorithms and big data technologies to pursue business goals and unlock untapped value

Smart Match
  • Digitize Freight brokerage that automates Carrier/customer matching.

  • Automate and Improve Order turnaround time with our machine learning recommendation system providing Carrier Customer matches that maximize margins and minimize order turnaround time.

Smart Contracts
  • Digitize Contracts to extract maximum value from pricing conditions.

  • AI-driven models extract contract terms and conditions and appropriately provide alerts and inputs in the operations process to maximize the revenue and minimize the cost from the contracts. Alerts are generated on the emerging risks based on contract conditions using Machine Learning to enable the organization to mitigate the risks.

Actionable Analytics

Real-time Actionable score cards - Smart Predictions

Glass lens view on Enterprise data and analytics:
  • Fast Track Enterprise data strategy with our Out of box Dashboards, Reports that showcases metrics across the value chain of Transportation and Logistics business.

  • Deep Insights customized for Freight Brokerage, Intermodal, 3PL, 4 PL, International Shipping, Contract Logistics.

Demand / Supply Predictive Analytics
  • Foresight into your business demand and yield higher returns.

  • Uncover customer demand anomalies, improve forecasting and make pivotal business decisions. Customized models to predict Intermodal demand forecasting by lane, Freight brokerage by markets and generic Financial metrics forecasting

Elastic Data Platform

Big data platform for big enterprises

Fastrack Enterprise data roadmap with proven architecture:
  • End to End data platform architecture built on AWS with best practices implementations that enables Big data and AI ML implementations.

  • Ease of use to a broad range of stakeholders alike. Analysts, data engineers, ML engineers, Data scientists, BI developers

Our Core Competencies

We are good at many technologies and many industries. But we excelled at some of the leading-edge technologies and few of the industry verticals with our tunnel focus for the in-depth experience.

Digital Transformation 

For us, Digital Transformation is not just digitalization of existing processes, but radically change the processes to fundamentally change performance by leveraging data, BPM, AI and IoT. Our expert team with multi-industry experience in this complex area can help you with right strategies suitable for your organization.

Internet of Things

To transform the processes, data captured from human beings is not enough but bigger data capture is essential from Intelligent Things, I.e. IoT or Internet of things which means the network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software and other technologies to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems. Our team with diversified experience with hardware and software plays a vital role in integrating IoT into your business processes to transform business performance.

Machine Learning

Our ML specialists developed pre-built engines with industry best practices that can accelerate the deployment of your organization's transformation process in association with our domain experts. These pre-built engines can start learning your data immediately and can be fine-tuned for your organization's individual needs. This plays a vital role in dramatically shortening your first wave of digital transformation.

Data and Analytics 

Our data team created some of the best industry-standard dashboards with expertise in different data warehousing technologies and in-memory databases that can give actionable insights into your big data. The right mix of lead and lag indicators are part of these indicators, and these are the result of the vast experience of our domain teams. Our visualization teams are well versed with all industry-leading data visualization products that can leverage your existing platforms. Predictive trends are part of our many dashboards and scorecards. Our data team has immense experience managing master data and cleansing existing data with ML-based solutions, which is essential for faster delivery of dependable dashboards.

Business Process Management 

Synergy across different Strategic Business Units is essential for any large enterprise. Our BPM team can help you explore synergy opportunities and implement digitalized business processes for enhanced business performance.

Transportation and Logistics

Our team's extensive knowledge of T&L domain has led to creating world-class solutions that will fast track T & L organization's digital transformation journey and achieve a competitive edge. Our AI ML solutions span multiple business processes of Operations, Finance, Pricing, Sales, Creating new business models.

Supply Chain

Our core teams expertise in Supply Chain automation of various industries gave us a wealth of knowledge in this area. It helped us to develop many pre-built engines in association with our technical teams. Any enterprise can leverage our productized solutions in their Supply Chains for faster deployment and better processes.

Construction and EPC

EPC industry's complexity is unique as the project is ever-evolving until completion, making budgeting, project planning and procurement processes very dynamic and needs deeper expertise even in minute processes to implement digitalization. Our core team's extensive experience in implementing EPC industry solutions put us in the right place to offer digital transformation services to this industry.

AWS cloud platform

Our customer requirements' common theme is a secured, reliable, and highly available cloud platform with immense computing power, large data storage with various databases, and bandwidth that support the transfer of extensive data.

We found all these requirements on Amazon Web Services with native cloud architecture, highly redundant and fault-tolerant networking with multiple availability zones connected by low latency.

With all these features, AWS offer of PERFORMANCE at SCALE is suitable for our customer requirements and became our chosen partner to offer our solutions.

Success Rate of Enterprise Digital Transformations

  • 22%

    With enterprise clarity.

  • 21%

    Digital tools make information available across the organization.

  • 24%

    Digital self serve technologies was built for customer ecosystem.

  • 23%

    When managers show urgency.

  • 21%

    With role based collaboration on transformation initiatives.

  • 21%

    Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) was adapted for a digital enterprise.

  • 22%

    Leadership encouraged experimentation with new ideas.

  • 21%

    Challenging old ways of working.

  • 20%

    Key roles in the enterprise involved and Immersed with transformation.

  • 21%

    With cross - functional initiatives.

Source: McKinsey 2019 Global Survey

Zabda Snapshot

Digital Transformation is an excursion with an obscure goal as it is unwinding all known ways of life.

Year - 2018

Clients - 9

Projects - 12